Go Router: Beginners Guide

Go Router: Beginners Guide

Unlocking Seamless Navigation with Go Router in Your Flutter Project


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Navigation is an important part of any application. When it comes to the Flutter applications, Go Router is a clear winner as it provides a powerful declarative routing solution. You may have been using onGenerateRoute or GetX (Get) for routing, but if you are on a new project then this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use Go Router.

Why Should You Use Go Router?

  1. Path and Query Parameters Simplified:

    For catering routing problems GoRouter uses unique paths for each page. Go Router streamlines this complexity by enabling the creation of templates like "user/:id" where ":id" corresponds to a unique user identifier.

    By using these unique paths GO Router effortlessly directs users to the desired destination within your app.

  2. sub-routes:

    There are times when you need to define nesting routes. Go Router provides a route argument in every GoRouter object, we can use this to define subroutes/ nested routes more easily.

  3. Seamless Redirection Support:

    There are pages in the app that requires user authentication or a subscription before the user can access them, Go Router provides 'Redirection support' that navigates the user to the sign-in or membership page mimicking the familiar website-like behaviour.

  4. ShellRoute:

    A ShellRoute is used to maintain a consistent user interface structure while navigating between different screens. It wraps existing routes, ensuring a fixed layout (like a navigation bar) remains unchanged as users switch screens. This offers a seamless experience, with only the screen's content area changing within the established shell.

  5. Material and Cupertino Aesthetics:

    Tailoring your app's style is effortless with Go Router. Whether you lean toward a vibrant, contemporary look or a minimalist design, Go Router adapts seamlessly to both Material and Cupertino design principles.

  6. Backward Compatibility Assurance:

    What if you have already created your app with Flutter Navigator API? There is no need to worry as Go Router cohesively integrates with the existing Navigator framework, offering a smooth transition without reconfiguring established setups.

  7. Deep Linking:

    Go Router supports deep linking. Deep linking allows you to access a specific part of an app using a web browser link. These links can be used to open or redirect the user in-app.

Go Router's Integral Components:

  1. Routes:

    Routes are the base of GoRouter. Each route define corresponds to a unique location or page within your app.

    Routes serve as navigational signposts, ensuring users seamlessly reach their intended app areas.

  2. Error Handler:

    In instances where routes are absent or unexpected errors arise, the error handler steps in. Their Error handler gives you the flexibility to handle such scenarios in your project. This helps you to give a seamless user experience to the user.

  3. Redirect Handler:

    Redirections are important when a user tries to access part of your app that requires authentication or a subscription. Then the user must be redirected to the specific pages for a seamless user experience delivered to the user.


GoRouter is a powerful navigation tool that can help you to build a robust application. It is simply a navigational compass that directs the user to the right screens when some event occurred. In between it handles the error and redirection. And cherry on the cake it supports deep linking all of these together to help you to give a seamless user experience to the user. This all comes under on package named go_router.

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